Roger Meadows

International Business Advisor


Through a team consisting of regional commercial directors and office-based marketing, finance, customer service and logistics, I was responsible for all of Coty Beauty’s non-subsidiary business in Europe, Middle East and Africa for over 7 years. During this time we grew sales and profits to six fold their initial levels.

“With a unique working style, Roger’s humour and positive attitude towards life and business, his engagement with and respect for people and his inspiring leadership represent a rare blend of qualities that are not often found in big corporations. Our business in many markets would not be the success it is today without him. For many who worked with him, Roger remains a true legend ! And someone we all miss.”

Michael Robinsohn – Directeur Général – Coty France –

“Roger’s charisma and energy is infectious. I worked for him for 7 years and the combination of his drive, enthusiasm and leadership style yielded some fantastic results during this time. He is a big-agenda, action-orientated manager who always strives to develop the people around him. A great teacher, coach, listener, orator and advisor, Roger is simply the best boss I have ever had. His experience, passion and knowledge of retail, the international beauty industry and leadership skills make him a true ‘guru’ in these fields.”

Christopher Garvie – GM – Coty Africa & Middle East –

“I had the pleasure of being part of Roger’s team at Coty where his leadership, passion and expertise transformed the business. Roger was always able to very quickly secure the trust of distributors and colleagues alike through his unique charm, honesty and an ability to leverage tremendous sector experience to drive commercial success. A great mentor to myself and his whole senior team who will always hold Roger in high regard.”

Christopher Evans – Director – Collinson Group –