Roger Meadows

International Business Advisor


Unicare was one of the many distributors with which I have successfully worked over the years. Together with Henrik Bo Jacobsen and his team, we established a very strong presence for the company’s brands throughout the Scandinavian markets… and Henrik has remained a good friend. Unicare has since been sold and its brands passed to other operators.

“Roger combines a unique and thorough understanding of organisational and people-related issues and a profoundly business-oriented approach to his work. Roger is the epitome of a true gentleman… “His word is his bond”…and this clearly permeates all his actions… be it on the warehouse with the packers or in the boardroom with the ‘suits’… Amongst our management team, he was known for his personal integrity and his ever-helpful, pro-active and open approach. He is a great manager of people, combining a respectful and friendly style with a great ability to be clear in setting goals for his teams and in ensuring buy-in from everybody involved.”

Henrik Bo Jacobsen – (now) CEO/Owner – Mørdrup Invest ApS – Denmark