Roger Meadows

International Business Advisor

C.A. Papaellinas

I have been advising the senior management of this Cypriot multi-business, retailer and distributor of beauty, health and food products for many years on a wide range of issues from company culture and strategy to mentoring management and the development of retail operations, store design and new business ventures.

“Roger has been a valuable friend and business advisor for the last 10 years that we have been working together. He is genuine, honest and a man of integrity. He is passionate about people and the customer. Every visit I have made with him to our stores, has been a valuable lesson for me. Through his direct but very respectful manner. he always manages to signal weaknesses that nobody else dares to address. Moreover he has a natural talent to get the best out of a team. He has contributed more than anyone else in transforming our business and culture from a distributor to that of a successful retail organisation…. and for that we are forever thankful to him.”

Christos Papaellinas – CEO – C.A.Papaellinas – Cyprus –