Roger Meadows

International Business Advisor


I have been advising Jose´Diogo for many years on a number of potential business ventures and in particular when he took over Nedpyl and set out to expand its portfolio of brands and market presence. I helped him take the company from a single brand operation to one of the largest distributors in Portuguese mass distribution. I advised on the full breath of management issues including mentoring, strategy and positioning, team structures, finding new brands, contract negotiation, managing principals-suppliers, corporate presentations and financial analysis. In 2014, he sold the company back to its original founder.

“I’ve known and worked with Roger since 2003 and in the last 8 years he has been the senior business advisor to my company. During this time I have often thought how lucky I have been to have him by my side. He is powered by a fertile and extremely well organised mind. He is obviously driven by some unique and strong inner force. He is gifted with an audacious panache that allows him to say what he really thinks… no matter whether you want to hear it or not… but in a way that you cannot do otherwise than to seriously take on board and consider what he’s saying. His savoir vivre is legendary and benefits everyone around him. Although some of these features you might find now and then in others…. a good, bright-minded, creative, supportive and radiant man like Roger is exceptional. So my advice is to listen and learn… and enjoy your time with him!”

Jose´ Diogo Soares Ribeiro – MD – Nedphyl Portugal
Now Managing Partner – 014 Media – Portugal –