Roger Meadows

International Business Advisor

Kamal Jamjoom Group

I have worked with Kamal Jamjoom over many years as a principal-supplier, business advisor and friend whilst he has developed his extremely dynamic and fast growing retail ‘empire’. During this time, I have helped mentor his businesses across a broad range of areas including positioning; management structure; personnel; retail standards – operations and execution.

” I have known Roger for more than 25 years. His approach is always positive and optimistic and at the same time focussed and disciplined. I asked Roger to consult for our business which is headquartered in Dubai and there he met with all of our management team. His feedback was extremely useful. The business had grown substantially and his advice helped greatly in guiding us on both a practical and strategic level. Our enterprise began as a one brand store in 1987. Today we have over 800 stores in 7 countries consisting of 10 retail brands. Roger’s input assisted us in re-structuring and re-engineering our business to its current level of success.”

Kamal Jamjoom – Chairman – Kamal Jamjoom Group LLC – Middle East